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Apollo 10 (26)

The Dress Rehearsal

Pad 39-B (1) 
Saturn-V AS-505 (5) 
1st Launch LC-39B 
High Bay 2 
MLP 3 
Firing Room 3 


Mission Objective

Demonstrate performance of LM and CSM in lunar gravitation field. Evaluate CSM and LM docked and undocked lunar navigation. All mission objectives were achieved. 


May 18, 1969; 12:49:00pm EDT Kennedy Space Center. FL. No Delays. 


Altitude: 190km x 184km 
Inclination: xxx degrees 
Orbits: 31revolutions
Duration: 08 Days, 0 hours, 03 min, 23 seconds 
Distance: miles 


May 26, 1969; 12:52:23pm EDT. Landing point 15deg 2min South by 164deg 39min West; Less than 4 miles (6.4km) from target point and recover ship . Crew on board U.S.S. Princeton at 01:31 p.m. EDT; spacecraft aboard ship at 02:28 p.m.  

Mission Highlights

Apogee 190 kilometers
Perigee 184km
Trans-lunar injection 02:39:21 MET (Mission Elapsed Time)
Maximum distance from Earth 399,194km
First CSM-LM docking in translunar trajectory 03:17:37 MET
First LM undocking in lunar orbit 98:11:57 MET
First LM staging in lunar orbit 102:45:17 MET 
First manned LM-CSM docking in lunar orbit 106:22:02 MET
Trans-earth injection, 137:36:29 MET

Dress rehearsal for Moon landing. First manned CSM/LM operations in cislunar and lunar environment; simulation of first lunar landing profile. In lunar orbit 61.6 hours, with 31
orbits. LM taken to within 15,243 m (50,000 ft) of lunar surface. First live color TV from space. LM ascent stage jettisoned in orbit. 


Thomas Stafford Commander

Eugene Cernan 
Lunar module pilot

John Young 
Command Module Pilot

Backup Crew

L. Gordon Cooper, Jr. Commander

Edgar D. Mitchell
Lunar module pilot

Donn F. Eisele
Command Module Pilot

(Charlie Brown)
LM-4 (Snoopy) 


12/10/68 - S-II Stage ondock at KSC 

11/27/68 - S-1C Stage ondock at KSC 

12/03/68 - S-IVB ondock at KSC 

12/15/68 - S-IU ondock at KSC 

05/18/69 - Launch 

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