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The Pinpoint Mission

Pad 39-A (6) 
Saturn-V AS-507 () 
High Bay 3 
MLP 2 
Firing Room 2 


Mission Objective

Perform manned lunar landing and return from mission safely. (Achieved). 


November 14, 1969; 11:22:00 am EDT. Launch Complex 39-A Kennedy Space Center, FL.  


Altitude: xxx miles 
Inclination: xxx degrees 
Orbits: 45 revolutions
Duration: 10 Days, 04 hours, 36 min, seconds 
Distance: miles 
Lunar Location: Ocean of Storms 
Lunar Coords: 3.04 degrees South, 23.42 degrees West 


November 24, 1969, Pacific Ocean.  Recovery Ship; USS Hornet.

Mission Highlights

Lunar Landing Site: Ocean of Storms. Retrieved parts of the unmanned Surveyor 3, which had landed on the Moon in April 1967. Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP) deployed. Lunar surface stay-time, 31.5 hours; in lunar orbit 89 hours, with 45 orbits. LM descent stage impacted on Moon. 34kg (75 lbs) of material gathered.


Charles Conrad Jr.  Commander

Alan L. Bean
 Lunar Module Pilot 

 Richard F. Gordon Jr. 
Command Module Pilot 


Backup Crew

David R. Scott  Commander

James B. Irwin 
 Lunar Module Pilot 

Alfred M. Worden 
Command Module Pilot

Yankee Clipper (CM-108) 
Intrepid (LM-6) 


03/09/69 - S-IVB ondock at KSC 

04/21/69 - S-II Stage ondock at KSC 

05/03/69 - S-1C Stage ondock at KSC 

05/08/69 - S-IU ondock at KSC 

11/14/69 - Launch 

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