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Pad 39 (9) 
Saturn-V AS-510 () 
High Bay 3 
MLP 3 
Firing Room 1 


Mission Objective


July 26, 1971; 09:34:00 am EDT.


Altitude: xxx miles 
Inclination: xxx degrees 
Orbits: 74 revolutions
Duration: 12 Days, 17 hours, 12 min 
Distance: miles 
Lunar Location: Hadley-Apennine 
Lunar Coords: 26.08 degrees North, 3.66 degrees East  


August 07, 1971, Pacific Ocean.  Recovery Ship; USS Okinawa. 

Mission Highlights

Landing site: Hadley-Apennine region near Apennine Mountains. 3 EVAs of 10 hours, 36 minutes. Worden performed 38 minutes EVA on way back to Earth. First to carry orbital sensors in service module of CSM. ALSEP deployed. Scientific payload landed on Moon doubled. Improved spacesuits gave increased mobility and stay-time. Lunar surface stay-time: 66.9 hours. Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), electric-powered, 4-wheel drive car, traversed total 27.9 km (17 mi). In lunar orbit 145 hours, with 74 orbits. Small sub-satellite left in lunar orbit for first time. 76.6 kgs (169 lbs) of material gathered.


David R. Scott  Commander

James B. Irwin 
 Lunar Module Pilot 

Alfred M. Worden 
Command Module Pilot

Backup Crew

Richard F. Gordon Jr.


Harrison H. Schmit

  Lunar Module Pilot 

Vance DeVoe Brand
 Command Module Pilot 


Endeavor (CM-112) Falcon (LM-10) 


07/26/71 - Launch 

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