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Pad 39-A (10) 
Saturn-V AS-511 () 
High Bay 3 
MLP 3 
Firing Room 1 


Mission Objective


April 16, 1972; 12:54:00.567 EST.  Launch Complex 39A.


Altitude: xxx miles 
Inclination: xxx degrees 
Orbits: 64 revolutions
Duration: 11 Days, 01 hours, 51 min, 
Distance: miles 
Lunar Location: Descartes Highlands 
Lunar Coords: 8.97 degrees South, 15.51 degrees East 


April 27, 1972, Pacific Ocean.  Recovery Ship; USS Ticonderoga.  

Mission Highlights

Landing site:  Descartes Highlands. First study of highlands area. Selected surface experiments deployed, ultraviolet camera/spectrograph used for first time on Moon, and LRV used for second time. Lunar surface stay-time, 71 hours; in lunar orbit 126 hours, with 64 orbits. Mattingly performed 1 hour in-flight EVA. 95 kg (209 lbs) of lunar samples collected. 


John W. Young  Commander

Charles M. Duke Jr. 
 Lunar Module Pilot 

Thomas K. Mattingly II  
Command Module Pilot

Backup Crew

Fred Haise

Edgar D. Mitchell 
 Lunar Module Pilot 

Stuart A. Roosa 
Command Module Pilot


Casper (CM-113) 
Orion (LM-11) 


07/01/70 - S-IVB ondock at KSC 

09/17/71 - S-1C Stage ondock at KSC 

09/29/70 - S-IU ondock at KSC 

09/30/70 - S-II Stage ondock at KSC 

04/16/72 - Launch


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