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Mission Objective

Demonstrate crew/space vehicle/mission support facilities during manned Saturn V/CSM mission. Demonstrate translunar injection, CSM navigation, communications, and midcourse corrections. Assess CSM consumables and passive thermal control. Demonstrate CSM performance in cislunar and lunar orbit environment. Demonstrate communications and tracking at lunar distances. Return high-resolution photographs of proposed Apollo landing sites and locations of scientific interest. All mission objectives were achieved.


December 21, 1968, 07:51:00 a.m. EST. Kennedy Space Center. Launch Complex 39-A.


Altitude: 190km x 180km 
xxx degrees 
10 revolutions
6 Days, 3 hours, 0 min, 42 seconds 


December 27, 1968; 10:52 am EST; Landing point 8deg 7.5min North and 165deg 1.2min West. Miss distance was 2.5km; Splashdown time, December 27, 1968 at 10:52 a.m. EST; MET: 147:00:42. Crew on board U.S.S Yorktown at 12:20 p.m. EST; Spacecraft aboard ship at 01:20 p.m.

Mission Highlights

Apogee 190 kilometers; 
Perigee 180 kilometers. 
Translunar injection at 02:56:05.5 MET; 
Maximum distance from earth 376,745 kilometers; 
Lunar orbit insertion 69:08:20 MET;
Lunar orbit 312km by 111km; 
Trans-earth injection 89:19:17 MET.

In lunar orbit 20 hours, with 10 orbits. First manned lunar orbital mission. Support facilities tested. Photographs taken of Earth and Moon. Live TV broadcasts.


Frank Borman Commander 

William A. Anders 
Lunar Module Pilot


James A. Lovell Jr.
Command Module Pilot 

Backup Crew

Neil Armstrong Commander

Fred W. Haise, Jr. 
 Lunar Module Pilot

Edwin E. Aldrin Jr.  
Command Module Pilot



12/24/67 - S-II Stage ondock at KSC 

12/27/67 - S-1C Stage ondock at KSC 

12/30/67 - S-IVB ondock at KSC 

01/04/68 - S-IU ondock at KSC 

08/14/68 - Launch Vehicle at Pad 

10/17/68 - Spacecraft at Pad 

12/11/68 - Countdown Demonstration Test 

12/21/68 - Launch 

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