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Spider's First Mission

Pad 39-A (4) 
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High Bay 3 
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Firing Room 2 


Mission Objective

Demonstrate crew/space vehicle/mission support facilities during manned Saturn V/CSM/LM mission (Achieved). Demonstrate LM/crew performance (Achieved).
Demonstrate selected lunar orbit rendezvous mission activities including transposition, docking withdrawal, intervehicular crew transfer, EVA, SPS and DPS burns, and LM active rendezvous and docking. All achieved except EVA (because of Schweickart's illness, most EVA's were canceled). Assess CSM/LM consumables used.


March 03, 1969; 11:00:00 am EST. Launch Complex 39-A Kennedy Space Center. No delays.


Altitude: 192km x 190km 
xxx degrees 
151 revolutions
10 Days, 01 hours, min, seconds 


March 13, 1969 at 12:01 p.m. EST; Landing point 23deg 12.5min North and 67deg 56min West (Atlantic Ocean). Miss distance 4.8 kilometers. Crew on board U.S.S Guadalcanal at 12:45pm EST; Spacecraft aboard ship at 02:13pm.

Mission Highlights

Apogee 192 km
Perigee 190km
First manned Apollo docking  03:01:59 MET
First docked SPS burn  05:59:01 MET
First Apollo EVA  72:53:00 MET
First manned Apollo undocking  92:39:36 MET 
First manned LM to CSM docking  99:02:26 MET

First manned flight of all lunar hardware in Earth orbit. Schweickart performed 37 minutes EVA. Human reactions to space and weightlessness tested in 152 orbits. First manned flight of lunar module.


James A. McDivitt

Russell L. Schweickart
Lunar Module Pilot


David R. Scott 
Command Module Pilot

Backup Crew

Charles Conrad Jr.  Commander

Alan L. Bean
 Lunar Module Pilot 

 Richard F. Gordon Jr. 
Command Module Pilot

CSM-104 (Gumdrop) LM-3 (Spider) 


05/15/68 - S-II Stage ondock at KSC 

09/30/68 - S-1C Stage ondock at KSC 

09/12/68 - S-IVB ondock at KSC 

09/30/68 - S-IU ondock at KSC

01/03/69 - Rollout to Pad 

02/19/69 - Countdown Demonstration Test 

03/03/69 - Launch 

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