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On the Shoulders of Titans:
A History of Project Gemini

Gemini X

Pad LC-19 (25) 
Titan-II (10) 


John W. Young 
Michael Collins 
Backup Crew CapCom



Gemini X capsule 

Altitude: 753.3 km (412.2 nm) 
Inclination: 28.85 degrees 
Orbits: 43 
Duration: 70 hours 46 min 39 seconds 
Distance: 1,968,823 km 

Mission Objective

Primary objective was to rendezvous and dock with Gemini Agena target vehicle (GATV-5005) launched as TLV-5305 from Complex 14 on 7/18/66. Secondary objectives included: Rendezvous and dock in 4th revolution. Rendezvous with Gemini Agena target vehicle GATV-8 using Agena propulsion systems, Conduct EVA, Practice docking, Perform 14 experiments, Perform system evaluation on bending-mode tests; docked maneuvers; static discharge; monitoring; post-docked Agena maneuvers; reentry guidance; park Gemini Agena target vehicle (GATV) in 352 km (190.3 nm) orbit. Spacecraft weight: 3763kg. GATV weight: 8097kg  



July 18, 1966. 5:20:26.648 am EST  July 21, 1966. 4:07:05 pm. Landing was at 26deg 44.7min North and 71deg 57min West. Miss distance was 6.2km (3.4 nm). 

Mission Highlights

1 hour, 29 min. EVA. All primary objectives and most secondary objectives were met. The practice docking secondary objective and some experiments were canceled due to insufficient fuel reserves. 


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