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Sigma 7 MA-8 (25)

Sigma 7 
Pad LC-14 () 
Atlas (8) 

Crew: Walter M. Schirra, Jr.

Milestones:  n/a

Payload: Spacecraft No. 16, Launch Vehicle 113-D 

Mission Objective:  Man-machine in orbit for 9 hours


Altitude: 175.8 by 100 statute miles 
Orbits: 6 
Period: 88min 55sec 
Duration: 0 Days, 9 hours, 13 min, 11 seconds 
Distance: 143,983 statute miles 
Velocity: 17,558 
Max Q: 964 
Max G: 8.1 

Launch:  October 3, 1962 


Mission Highlights:  Mission successful. Total time weightless 8 hours 56min 22 sec. 


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