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Orbiter: Columbia
Shuttle Mission: STS-107
Date: January 16, 2003

Image: Montage of images including the Space Shuttle and American FlagKENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. - Seven and a half minutes before liftoff, the Orbiter Access Arm (OAA) is retracted away from Shuttle Columbia. The arm can be returned to place within seconds in the event of an emergency. STS-107 is a mission devoted to research and will include more than 80 experiments that will study Earth and space science, advanced technology development, and astronaut health and safety. The payload on Space Shuttle Columbia includes FREESTAR (Fast Reaction Experiments Enabling Science, Technology, Applications and Research) and the SHI Research Double Module (SHI/RDM), known as SPACEHAB.


Launch Video Coverage
Orbiter Access Arm Retract
January 16, 2003

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The OAA is retracted away from the orbiter.
The OAA is retracted away from the orbiter. (Includes natural audio)

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STS-107 photos are online. (Note: This is a graphic-intensive site and may be difficult to view with low speed modems or when this web site receives heavy traffic loads).

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