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Shuttle Mission: STS-111
Orbiter: Endeavour
Date: June 5, 2002

Did you know?

Image: Montage of images including the Space Shuttle and American FlagThe STS-111 crew will perform three spacewalks, which are also known as extravehicular activies, to continue the assembly of the International Space Station. All three extravehicular activities, or EVAs, will be based out of the station's Quest Airlock. Follow the link below for some additional information:

The first spacewalk of the Space Shuttle program occurred during STS-6 in April 1983. Astronauts Donald H. Peterson and F. Story Musgrave used new space suits designed specifically for the Space Shuttle as they performed various tests in the payload bay of Shuttle Challenger.

Image:  Astronauts working in payload bay.
MS Peterson and MS Musgrave work in Challenger's payload bay during the first EVA of the Shuttle program

STS-111 Extravehicular Activities

EVA Astronauts
Franklin Chang-Diaz (EV1): solid red stripes
Philippe Perrin (EV2): solid white suit

Station Robot Arm Operators
Carl Walz

Shuttle Robot Arm Operator
Ken Cockrell

Spacewalk Coordinators
Paul Lockhart

June 9, 2002

6 hours
June 11, 2002

6 hours, 30 minutes
June 13, 2002

7 Hours

Image: Remote access arm of the ISS.
Astronauts using the remote access arm of the International Space Station

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