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Shuttle Mission: STS-111
Orbiter: Endeavour
Date: June 5, 2002

Image: Montage of images including the Space Shuttle and American FlagThe primary objectives of the STS-111 crew are to perform the fourth crew exchange aboard the International Space Station, install the Mobile Base System or MBS, and repair the Station's robotic arm. The crew will also transfer hardware and experiments from the Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics module, built by the Italian Space Agency.

The MBS is the second part of the Canadian-built Mobile Servicing Structure that will give the Station's robotic arm, or Canadarm2, its unique mobility. During the first two of three spacewalks, mission specialists will attach the MBS to the Mobile Transporter that was installed during STS-110 and transfer the Station's robotic arm from the U.S. Destiny Lab to the MBS. This will allow the arm to travel the length of the S-Zero Truss that was delivered during our last mission, as well as future truss segments.

During the third and final spacewalk, the astronauts will repair the wrist/roll joint on Canadarm2. A new unit, called an Orbital Replacement Unit, will be installed next to the Latching End Effector at the end of the arm. The wrist/roll joint is one of seven joints that contribute to the arm's flexibility.

STS-111 Crew

STS-111 Mission Specialist, Franklin Chang-Diaz

Franklin Chang-Diaz
STS-111 Mission Specialist, Philippe Perrin

Mission Specialist
Philippe Perrin

Expedition #5 Commander, Valeri Korzun

Expedition #5
Valeri Korzun
ISS Expedition #5 Crew, Peggy Whitson

Expedition #5
Peggy Whitson
ISS Expedition #5 Crew, Sergei Treschev

Expedition #5
Sergei Treschev

A detailed Mission & Crew Briefing is available online!  Caution: This page contains photos and videos that may be difficult for visitors with low speed modems to access.  This is particularly true during periods of high traffic loads on our servers (such as during the launch day countdown).  It is therefore recommended that you attempt to view this page at a later time....

STS-111 photos are online (Note: This is a graphic-intensive site and may be difficult to view with low speed modems or when this web site receives heavy traffic loads).

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