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Orbiter: Endeavour
Shuttle Mission: STS-111
Date: May 30, 2002

Image: Montage of images including the Space Shuttle and American FlagKENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. (File footage) -- NASA ships Liberty Star and Freedom Star depart Hangar AF at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for the Atlantic Ocean the day before launch. After a Shuttle is launched, the SRBs are jettisoned at two minutes, seven seconds into the flight. At six minutes and 44 seconds after liftoff, the spent SRBs, weighing about 165,000 lb., have slowed their descent speed to about 62 mph and splashdown takes place in a predetermined area. They are retrieved from the Atlantic Ocean and returned for refurbishment and eventual reuse on future Shuttle flights. Once at Hangar AF, the SRBs are unloaded onto a hoisting slip and mobile gantry cranes lift them onto tracked dollies where they are safed and undergo their first washing.

Live Countdown Coverage
Pre-Launch Video Table of Contents

Pre-launch Video Coverage
Solid Rocket Booster Retrieval Ships
File footage

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Part 1 - 337Kb
Freedom Star ship departs
NASA ships Freedom Star and Liberty Star depart for the Atlantic the day before launch. (Includes original audio)

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Part 1 - 290Kb
Ship Captain Joe Chaput
Commentary from Liberty Star Captain Joe Chaput.
(Includes original audio)

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STS-111 photos are online. (Note: This is a graphic-intensive site and may be difficult to view with low speed modems or when this web site receives heavy traffic loads).

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