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April 2, 2002

2002 Year at a Glance

Status Reports

March Status Reports

This is an orbiter processing report and does not necessarily reflect the chronological order of upcoming Space Shuttle flights.  Visit for the latest schedule of future Shuttle missions.



Vehicle Atlantis/OV-104
Target KSC Launch Date April 4, 2002
Launch period 2 to 6 p.m. EST
Target KSC Landing Date April 15, 2002
Mission Duration 11 days
Crew Bloomfield, Frick, Ross, Smith, Ochoa, Morin, Walheim
Orbital Insertion Altitude/Inclination 122 nautical miles/51.6 degrees

Shuttle Processing Note  (previous notes)

The final countdown is under way and Shuttle Atlantis continues on the timeline for the STS-110 launch to the International Space Station on April 4. Highlights of today's activities at Pad B include flight deck preliminary closeouts and the loading of the cryogenic reactants for the on board fuel cells. The STS-110 astronauts are making final preparations for their 11-day mission with a busy schedule that includes medical exams, flight training and additional suit and flight data checks. The Shuttle Mission Management Team will meet this afternoon to assess final mission status and give a go to continue final launch preparations.

The launch forecast shows a slight improvement from yesterday, predicting a temperature of 77 degrees with a 30% probability of weather prohibiting the flight because of the possibility of a low cloud ceiling and precipitation. The forecast in the Solid Rocket Booster recovery area calls for winds from the north-northeast 15-18 knots, a sea state of 5-6 feet and a water temperature of 75 degrees.

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