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Shuttle Mission: STS-107
Orbiter: Columbia
Date: January 16, 2003

STS-107 Dignataries

The Honorable Dave Weldon

Congressman from Florida

The Honorable James Walsh Congressman from New York
The Honorable Robert Underwood Former Delegate to the US Congress
representing Guam
The Honorable Joe Allbaugh Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency
Dr. Elias Zerhouni Director, National Institutes of Health
Dr. Kathie Olsen Associate Director for Science
Office of Science and Technology Policy -
(former chief scientist at NASA)
Ms. Maureen O'Brien Assistant to the Director
Office of Science and Technology Policy
Mr. Michael Bell Special Assistant for Legislative Affairs
Department of Justice
Rear Admiral Winford Gerald Ellis (Retired) Director for Deep Submergence
Department of the Navy
Dr. Stephen Trachtenberg President and Professor of Public Administration
George Washington University
Ms. Sarah Bloomfield Director, Holocaust Memorial Museum
His Excellency Daniel Ayalon Israel's Ambassador to the United States
Mr. David Leffler Director General, Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport
Mr. Aby Har-Even Director General, Israel Space Agency
Natural American Music Group

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